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Is a 6x12 trailer the right choice for you?

Advantages of the 6x12 size:

The 6x12 trailer is a blend of compactness and capacity. Its design is perfect for those who need a versatile trailer that's easy to maneuver and store. Whether you're moving household items or transporting equipment, this size offers a practical solution without overwhelming your towing vehicle.

Tailored applications:

  • Enclosed/cargo trailers: A 6x12 enclosed trailer is your shield against the elements, ideal for transporting tools, inventory, or personal belongings.
  • Utility trailers: For tasks like hauling landscaping tools, UTVs, or light machinery, the 6x12 utility trailer is a reliable companion.

Key considerations:

  • Weight limit: Stay informed about the weight capacity of the 6x12 trailer to ensure safe and efficient hauling.
  • Space constraints: While the 6x12 is versatile, it might be limiting for transporting larger items. Assess your regular hauling needs to see if this size aligns with them.
  • Towing vehicle: Ensure your vehicle is compatible with the 6x12 size, considering both weight and hitch type.
  • Axles: For nimble maneuverability, single axles For heavier hauls, consider the stability of tandem axles.

Exploring larger options:

If you're contemplating more space, consider trailers like the 7x14 or 7x16. These sizes offer increased capacity, accommodating larger hauls and potentially offering features like upgraded axles for added stability.

Unwavering commitment to quality:

Our 6x12 trailers are sourced from industry-leading brands, ensuring you get a product that stands the test of time and road conditions.

Making an informed decision:

Reflect on both your present and future hauling needs. Consider the frequency, type of items, and the vehicle you'll be using for towing. Our team at Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer is always ready to assist, guiding you to a trailer that's a perfect match for your requirements.

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