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We stock open and enclosed car haulers from top brands like EZ-Hauler, Sure-Trac, Homesteader, Mission, Sundowner, and Choice Cargo, in popular lengths like 8.5x20 and 8x24.

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Buying the right car hauler for your vehicle

Why invest in a car hauler?

Car haulers aren't just trailers; they're the safeguard for your vehicle's journey. Whether you're transporting a cherished classic, a race car, or simply need a reliable hauler to get your vehicle from point A to B, the right car trailer makes all the difference.

Which type of car hauler is right for you?

  • Open car haulers: Often called "open car trailers" or "open race car trailers," these are perfect for quick loads and unloads, offering visibility and easy access.
  • Enclosed car haulers: Ideal for long-hauls, adverse weather, or when transporting high-value vehicles, these shield your vehicle from external elements and prying

Key considerations when shopping for a car hauler:

  • Length & size: From compact 7x20 to roomy 5x24, consider your vehicle's dimensions and the space you'll need for secure transport.
  • Weight & capacity: It's a balance. While the trailer's weight matters, its capacity is crucial. Opting for aluminum, especially in enclosed haulers, can reduce weight without compromising strength.
  • Flooring choices: Wood flooring offers a traditional, grippy surface, often at a lower cost. While a steel or aluminum deck trailer is durable and resistant to elements, but can be slicker when wet.
  • Loading ease: For open car haulers, features like tilt trailers, slide-in ramps, and drop axles can lower the trailer height, making the loading process more The rear door of an enclosed car hauler doubles up as a rear door ramp.
  • Open vs. enclosed: Open haulers are cost-effective and great for shorter distances. Enclosed haulers, while pricier, offer unparalleled protection, making them a favorite for cross-country hauls, motorsports, or transporting luxury vehicles.
  • Ride Comfort: Spread axles allow for better distribution of the load while also cutting down on trailer sway in Torsion axles give a smoother ride to precious cargo.

Getting the right car hauler for your vehicle:

At Ken Feagin Truck and Trailer, we only stock the brands we’d trust to transport our own vehicles. You’ll find a variety of open car trailers and enclosed car haulers from EZ-Hauler, Sure-Trac, Homesteader, Mission, Sundowner, and Choice Cargo in a variety of popular sizes, including 8.5x20 to 8x24. Your vehicle deserves the best, and we're here to provide just that.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at 864-510-8832, and we’ll help locate the best dump trailer for your specific needs.

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