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Showing1-15 of 21 items

Finding the right dump trailer

Why a dump trailer?

When you're knee-deep in construction debris, landscaping waste, or hauling materials, a reliable dump trailer is a game-changer. It's not just about moving stuff; it's about efficiency and getting the job done right with the push of a button.

Dump trailer applications:

  • Construction: Hauling off waste, transporting materials to the site, or moving heavy equipment? The right dump trailer makes the difference.
  • Landscaping: Moving dirt, rocks, or clearing out garden waste? A dump trailer simplifies these tasks, especially for large projects.
  • Renovation: Got a home or commercial space renovation? A dump trailer is essential for debris removal and material transport.

Key features for the job:

  • Lift mechanisms: Scissor lifts offer stability for even loads, dual rams provide consistent lifting power, and telescopic lifts are perfect for higher dump angles, especially when space is tight.
  • Size matters: A 6x10 might be perfect for smaller jobs or tight spaces, but for bigger projects, you'll want the capacity of a 7x16.
  • Profile & sides: Low profile designs are easier to load by hand, while high 44" sides can handle those bigger, bulkier loads.
  • Towing: Your choice between bumper pull and gooseneck should hinge on your specific towing requirements, budget, and the frequency and type of jobs you undertake.

Bumper pull vs. gooseneck dump trailers:

  • Bumper pull dump trailers are generally more straightforward to connect, requiring only a standard hitch on the back of most towing This makes them a versatile choice for those who might use multiple vehicles for towing. They're also typically less expensive and are easier to maneuver in tight spaces, making them ideal for smaller jobs or urban environments.
  • Gooseneck dump trailers offer greater stability, especially for heavier loads. Their design distributes weight more evenly, reducing the sway and offering a smoother towing experience. Goosenecks can handle larger capacities, making them a favorite for commercial tasks or substantial hauling needs. Additionally, their tighter turn radius provides an advantage in navigating challenging terrains or job sites.

Our top picks:

Our dump trailer sizes range from 6x10 up to 7x16, and we're proud to stock trusted brands like Homesteader and Sure-Trac. Whatever the job, we've got the dump trailer to back you up.

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