V-Nose Trailers

Shop the best V-nose Trailers at Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer. Choose from 7x16, 7x14, and 6x12 V-nose enclosed trailers from Homesteader, EZ Hauler, Mission, Sure-Trac, and Choice Cargo. Designed for stability and extra storage, our V-nose trailers are perfect for hauling cargo and equipment with ease.

Showing1-15 of 23 items
Showing1-15 of 23 items

Is a V-nose trailer right for you?

Why Choose a V-nose Trailer?

The unique design of a V-nose trailer isn't just for aesthetics. It's a blend of innovation and functionality. With superior performance, these trailers offer potential fuel savings during transit. Plus, the pointed front design grants additional storage space, making every inch count when hauling cargo and equipment.

Key features of V-nose trailers:

  • Stability on the road: The design can enhance weight distribution, offering stability, especially in windy conditions.
  • Maximized space: The design provides extra storage at the front, ideal for specialized storage solutions or additional cargo.
  • Versatility in use: From professional users like contractors and electricians to recreational purposes, V-nose trailers cater to a range of requirements.
  • Aerodynamic design: The V-shape reduces wind resistance, potentially leading to better fuel efficiency, and smoother towing.
  • Customization potential: Tailor the interior to fit your specific needs with custom shelving, cabinets, a workbench, or other modifications.

Choosing the right size and brand:

At Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of sizes, including 7x16, 7x14, 7x16, and 6x12 V-nose trailers. Browse our selection from trusted brands like Homesteader and Choice Cargo, ensuring you get the perfect trailer tailored to your needs.

Making the most of your V-nose trailer:

Every haul is unique, and with our V-nose trailers, you're equipped for efficiency and convenience. Whether you're transporting business equipment or personal items, a V-nose enclosed trailer ensures your cargo is protected and transported with ease.

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