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Checklist for Horse Trailer Safety

  1. Check ball size - most of today's trailers are two inch or 2 5/16 inches.
  2. Secure the hitch with a safety pin 
  3. Criss-cross the safety chains
  4. Be sure chains are not dragging and are long enough for turns. Shorten chains by twisting.
  5. Check that all lights are working properly.
  6. Be sure light cord is secure, not dragging or touching the ground, and allows enough length for turns.
  7. Do a visual check to be sure the trailer is level.
  8. Tie hay nets high enough that horses won't get their feet caught in them. 
  9. Keep windows closed or use the window face guards on the trailer to protect horses. 
  10. Tie horses with slip knots or quick release snaps affixed on the trailer side with the regular snap attached to the horses' halters. 
  11. Do a final check of all latches, doors, tires, etc. 

For Gooseneck Hitches: 

  1. Check that all latches and pins are secure.
  2. Check there is enough clearance so that the trailer won't hit the truck.
  3. Be careful of your feet when hitching up and adjusting the hitch - the sleeve can drop down quickly. 

For all Trailers: 

  1. Re-pack bearings on wheels with fresh grease every 12,000 miles or 12 months
  2. Pull mats out of trailers at least 3-4 times a year. Wash the floor and backs of mats. Check the floor for soundness. 
  3. Remove urine and manure after every trip.